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Search engine & optimization

Our search engine optimization (SEO) service ensures that your site receives quality and quantity traffic from organic research. We do this by providing quality content that meets ucers or clients needs and setting the website so that the search engines can easily index it. This service focuses on improving user experience (UX), boosting site ranking, improving social promotion, ensuring that your site runs smoothly, and giving your business an edge over your competitors.

Our search engine optimization process includes:

  • Research – Through research, we will understand your business, your competitor's dynamics and the keywords that users are using to get services/products you are offering.
  • Planning and strategy – After intensive research, we develop strategies to handle content, build backlinks to your website, and manage your social presence.
  • Implementation – Implementation involves executing all the plans and strategies that have we had defined, starting from individual pages to the whole website/application.
  • Monitoring – After implementation, it's time to keep tabs on the implemented strategies using different metrics, including website traffic, search engine rankings, crawls by spiders and bots, and other metrics.
  • Assessment – In the evaluation, we focus on the report generated from the monitoring phase to identify effects of the project and implemented strategies
  • Maintenance – In maintenance, we focus on major and minor problems resulting from the implemented strategies like the need for new content as per the strategy



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