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About us

We design and develop digital solutions that enhance your business management operations. The digital solutions comprise of website/web applications, mobile applications, search engine and optimization (SEO) for your website, academic research support services, computer maintenance services, data collection and analysis services.

Our products/services outreach ranges from individuals, startups, small medium enterprises (SME) and large enterprises. We do that by offering commitment to our customers, clients and associates which is driven by innovation, passion, sustainability and consistency.  

Our greater satisfaction is in empowering individuals and businesses to explore their potentials. We do this by putting your needs into consideration, and by providing you with extra hands irrespective of your financial and technical capabilities so as to create and strengthen your processes.

Would you like to learn more about what we do, what we offer? get in touch with us today so that we can brainstorm on the best way we can be of benefit to you.


Our mission

To protect the future of your business

Our vission

To provide equal access to technology irrespective your technology and financial capability


Our history

WEPROMARK has evolved from expanding companies outreach through online advertising to developing digital solution that help individual and companies enhance their service delivery. This is in consideration that many ideas fail because of inadequate access to financial resources and knowledge on business management.

As a result of that, we partner with you or your business irrespective of your financial and technical capability to help you explore your potential. This is contrary to other service providers who are concerned with your financial status. That means, at WEPROMARK you will have access to a technical team year in year out without worrying about how much it costs.


About Service

Driven by values that touch the core of your business.


We will always be at your service irrespective of your business financial and technical capabilities


We are a committed team willing to put our best feet forward day in day out to ensure your business realizes it’s potential


It is our duty to provide your business with solutions that keep you relevant in the market with ever changing business needs


We ensure there is continued development in solutions that we offer and access to our services in support of your business

About Off the shelf CMS's

Our Software as a Services (SaaS) from off the shelf CMS's touch the core of your business.

What clients say about us?

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